100 Year Old Historic Building

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Special Event:

School of Hard Cider: Drink, Learn and Tour Duluth Cider

Thursday, May 9 | 7:00-8:30pm

We love every part of cider, from its surprising history to the science that makes it so delicious. We also love sharing it with other people! Come out to Duluth Cider as our team of cider makers shares all about the cider making process, leads you on a tour of the production facilities, walks you through a cider tasting, and pulls back the curtain to reveal the fascinating, and often surprising, history of cider.

This is a free, all-ages event.

A Restored Piece of Duluth History

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This location hasn’t always been a cidery. It actually started out as the stables for the Duluth Post Office horses! Since 1919 the building has also served as a car showroom, a radiator shop, and a wide variety of other uses.

In 2017-2018, this unique 100-year-old building was carefully restored by dozens of skilled and hard-working Duluthians, many of them volunteers. The building’s original brick walls and unique ceiling structure have been carefully and intentionally restored to their original state, making for the perfect environment to sit and enjoy Duluth’s first craft cider.


Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: 12pm – 8pm

Phone: 218-464-1111


Good cider is even better with good food. We’ve got some locally-sourced snacks available at the bar, but we’re also surrounded by some of the best food in the state, so we’ve worked with them to set up delivery directly to your table! Order-in menus are available from nearby Duluth Grill, OMC Smokehouse, Lee’s Pizza, Pizza Luce, and more. You can also feel free to carry-in your favorite!

Non-Alcoholic Options

We have a few NA options in-house, including 10 oz. bottles of NA apple juice, Cold Brew coffee from  Duluth Coffee Company, and Snooty Fox Kombucha. (And, of course, Duluth water, which we all know is Superior in literally every way. Literally.)

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